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Why Should You Use The Package Development Model In Salesforce?

Rajat Kesarwani

By Rajat Kesarwani| Tuesday, November 02, 2021 11:30 AM | 4 min read

Are you using the advantages of package development model Salesforce yet? If you haven't already, you should. This blog post will examine the advantages of adopting the package development technique and media and entertainment IT Solutions in Salesforce to create a new IT solution for the retail industry. There is no migration strategy for firms that already use the package development paradigm in their Salesforce in the market.

However, let's begin with gaining a deeper knowledge of Salesforce. Salesforce provides new features every year that improve the overall user experience. The following are just a few of the excellent features included in the Salesforce winter release:

  • Changes are made to the flow.
  • Dynamic forms and behaviours
  • Enhance the lighting page's overall performance.
  • Interactive email builder
  • Dynamic survey pages
  • Einstein's pursuit
  • Custom report types may have fields added automatically

Brief Overview

Salesforce is a set of tools and capabilities to improve development efficiency across the development lifecycle. It enables developers to solve common challenges by controlling the source of truth and the organization's lifetime. Due to the widely accessible and efficient tools, development teams may work using command-line interfaces (CLIs) or integrated development environments (IDEs).

Salesforce developers use sandboxes to create and test new features and functionalities as part of their development process. This may sometimes cause issues when dealing with a fluctuating "source of truth" that is not part of the team's sandbox.

Developers may redefine the source of truth with Salesforce DX by using centralized source control systems, a process known as source-driven development targeting the IT solutions for retail industry. While this new environment does not eliminate all disagreements, it does centralize some of the more time-consuming aspects of development under source control systems, resulting in a more efficient development process. The usage of source-driven development improves the visibility of both current and previous versions.

Advantages of Salesforce's Package Development

When working on complex and large Salesforce development projects for IT solutions for retail industry, a team of at least five developers is often allocated to each specified feature set. Each developer is responsible for a different component of the application's functioning. It's challenging to keep track of all the changes that have happened inside the active team. It is vital to choose a development model that enables effective tracking of all changes. At the time, only the package development strategy could support such a project in its current state.

Participation Costs and Benefits

There are several advantages to package development model Salesforce. Instead of being dispersed around the organization, bugs and problems are confined inside the package. When the components of a project need upgrade or replacement, this package streamlines the identification of entangled assets. Due to the usage of packages as the foundation for agile development, smaller groups of engineers may focus on more isolated portions of code.

Before being released, individual packages may be tested under a Scratch Org or developer account to have efficient media and entertainment IT Solutions. Modular packages may be used to accommodate many organizations and partners. Packages minimize manufacturing costs, increase flexibility, simplify the manufacturing process, and reduce the time required to create a product.

2. You have the option of reordering your data

You may utilize the package development paradigm to arrange the unpackaged information in your production organization into clearly defined packages to get media and entertainment IT Solutions. Additionally, you may organize your source code into package directories using Salesforce DX projects, with everything being kept in your preferred version control system.

Your ultimate goal is to utilize those folders to create versionable, simple-to-manage, update, install, and upgrade packages that are also straightforward to distribute.

3. Modular architecture

Throughout your package development model Salesforce journey, you will have various opportunities to improve. The journey to a modular design is one of the most challenging—but ultimately rewarding—processes. When building systems, it's too easy to get absorbed in the specifics of a single component and lose sight of the big picture. On the other hand, systems that grow to encompass dozens, hundreds, or thousands of components become increasingly unpredictable and harder to grasp unless they are created with care and attention from the bottom up.

4. Everything is bundled together in one convenient box.

You're a development manager for a high-tech company operating in a fast-paced atmosphere. You'll need to modify the basic CRM application for your release and create an internal application for your organization. Your first step in growth should guarantee that you always have the most current image of your production organization. In an org-based approach, your production organization acts as the one source of truth for all of your code, configuration, and customizations.

Build & Install the System with New Packages

The following processes should be followed while developing a package utilizing the package development approach.

  • Putting a project together
  • Sources are being pushed and pulled in opposite directions.
  • The changes.

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Rajat Kesarwani
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