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Salesforce and Tableau Integration

Salesforce is one of the pioneers in CRM, and large number of organizations around the globe prefer Salesforce over other CRMs. Connecting to Salesforce - Tableau can help revolutionize business performances. At Dreamstel, our certified Salesforce professionals adhere to the best Tableau Integration in Salesforce Process, and for businesses using Salesforce services it is recommended to go for Salesforce Tableau integration.

Increase Visibility of Business Opportunities with Tableau Integration in Salesforce

Why is Tableau Integration Required with Salesforce

Salesforce has taken the concept of Customer Relationship Management to a whole new level by truly showing business transformation through cloud services, and Tableau contributes by providing analytics to ensure that the business only moves forward.

  • Save Time and Money and Improve Data Analysis
  • Convert Salesforce Data into Insights Instantly
  • Easily Visualize the Most Important Metrics
  • Instantly Receive Clickable Data Analysis on Your Dashboard
  • Make Data-driven Decisions at Every Phase of Business
  • Access Account-tracking, Quarterly Results and Data-rich Insights
  • Improve Client Relationship and Enhance the Productivity of Workers

Enable Professionals to Experience Up-to-Date, Secure and Customized View of Data on any Compatible Device or Browser, whenever Needed

Increase Visibility of Business Opportunities with Salesforce Tableau

Whether you need a complete Salesforce Tableau integration solution or you can find errors during extract, we can assist you with anything and everything you need regarding the process. Our experienced developers exhibit hands-on experience in Tableau as well as Salesforce. The acquisition just made our job easier. Be it file extraction, knowledge of character limits on certain fields, such as calculated fields or recreating calculated fields in Tableau after creation of the extract, we can do it all.

Enhance the Power of Your Business and Stay Ahead of All

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