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IT Solutions for Retail Industry

It is very important for retailers to be up-to-date with the recent enhancements in technology used for the betterment of retail. As a retailer you would have to understand and live up to the requirements of your customers. The competition is tougher now more than ever, online shopping is the new trend. We, at Dreamstel, offer you retail technology services to transform your digital assets and infrastructure within a short period of time.

  • Retail Mobility Solutions
  • Digital Shopping Stores
  • Retail Analytics
  • Adaptive, responsive e-commerce web applications
  • API platforms and Blueprints
  • Get a Step Closer to Connecting with Your Customers!

    Our Key Retail Solutions

    • Kiosk app development for desktops and mobile apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.
    • Retail IT solutions for accessibility through preferred mobile channels.
    • Real-time inventory information tracking through the apps we create for you.
    • A highly contextual in-store experiences with the implementation of IoT.
    • An increased level of customer service.
    • Design, develop and optimize digital wallets for an excellent customer experience.
    • Consistent personalized interaction across different platforms through different devices.
    • Feature-rich retail IT solutions across multiple platforms, and assurance of an engaging experience.
    • Creating a reliable customer information database that holds customer history, buying behavior and more.