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Automotive IT Solutions and Services

Companies providing automotive services are mostly involved in selling, designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing automobiles or watercraft. The automotive industry continues to introduce products and services with the latest technologies. At Dreamstel, we ensure you are familiarized with the latest trends and also offer you required IT solutions to assist you with your business.


  • Solutions for vehicle and consumer device integration
  • Social media intelligence for OEMs
  • Vehicle service management systems for car owners
  • Digital experience applications from pre-purchase research tools for car buyers


We excel in giving you marvelous results in interface designing, IoT, Mobility, Analytics and software development services for your automobile company. We ensure you and your customers have a digital experience with our best-in-class delivery processes.

  • Global Solution
    When it comes to consulting we are your go-to experts with all the technical know-how required.

We focus on customer satisfaction to meet your business targets.

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