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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Meet customer demands by personalizing their experience, with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce has been repeatedly been named as a leading solution for marketers around the world. At Dreamstel, we help you deliver the power of Salesforce to take your marketing efforts to a next level. Incorporate integrated solutions to enhance the journey of your customers with advertising, content creation, data analysis and predictive analysis. With the help of Journey Builder, a powerful component by Salesforce, we can help you tailor marketing campaigns according to the behavior and the immediate requirement of your customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing automation solution, and it is a must for sales and marketing businesses that use Salesforce CRM for the smooth functioning of their business.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

It is a customer relationship management platform designed for marketers to be equipped with the required solutions to service customers adequately. It helps in building excellent campaigns and marketing plans for a successful sales and marketing process. The Marketing Cloud is connected to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, however customers are not contacted separately by marketing from all the three clouds as Salesforce has created a way for the three to coordinate with one another.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Capabilities

  • It helps you plan, personalize and optimize the journey of your customers in doing business with you.
  • Map customer journeys across multiple channels and all the stages of their life-cycle in one platform.
  • Integrate it with other software for deeper insights of the market sales and services performance.

Opt for Marketing Cloud - Salesforce. One of the Best Marketing Solutions.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform helps you integrate and connect everything by providing you with a seamless customer experience. It works as a unified CRM platform to connect with your customers. Salesforce Marketing Cloud features offers your customers a personalized journey tailored intelligently with commerce solutions and service interaction to meet B2B and B2C platform requirements.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud services are designed to focus on data management, data quality and integration to enhance the currently running cloud services.

Get Salesforce Meaningful Engagement with Salesforce Marketing Cloud