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Salesforce Consulting Services by Dreamstel Technologies

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It has the tendency to transform the manner in which your company operates its business, manages the sales, and works with the employees and partners. Giving you an experience of an unmatched cloud expertise, the software lets you build and keep innovative assets.

Here are some of the features of the Salesforce CRM:

  • It lets you have a better marketing strategy for productive leads and closing deals.
  • Email integration is another excellent feature, offering you instant responses and convenience in usage.
  • It increases possibilities, offers more opportunities and better quotes.
  • It allows you to build and run apps that would significantly help your business.
  • You would be able to forecast the near future of a marketing project, a campaign or an implementation.
  • It allows you to engage customers from across the world.
  • It improves the rate of approvals while lessening the workload.
  • It covers the work of managing and keeping track of your business’s social accounts, contacts, analytics, and workflow.
  • The software can be used on mobile devices so that you can stay connected while you’re on the go.
  • It manages the customer’s data and contact information. It also tracks performance and offers real-time visibility of updates when you’re connected to the internet.

You would be able to transform everything from how your customer service representatives answer customer queries to how the sales agents pitch your product and services to potential customers.

There are no expensive setup costs, no maintenance, and you can manage all the interactions with your existing and target clients with Salesforce.

Salesforce Consulting Definition

A Salesforce consultant enhances the way you use the CRM for your business. The consulting service focuses on discussing options, meeting your expectation in sales boost, developing and implementing productive ideas to transform your business to give it strong foundation and build it from the ground up.

“I can run the business from my phone and that’s changed my life.” - John Edelman, CEO of Design Within Reach

We offer Salesforce consulting, developing, migration, integration, AppExchange, cloud, and Salesforce implementation consulting services.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our focus is on the ROI (Return On Investment) of your business. We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Your organizational goals are sure to be met as we make sure we keep up with the latest releases related to the software.
  • We offer you innovative mobile sale apps development options beyond our consulting and customization services.
  • You would benefit with our collaboration solutions, data analytics, and a whole new capacity to double your profits while you address challenges of various complexities.
  • We let you fill us in on your ideas and keep you up to date with the progress reports.

We offer you a peek into the possible future of your business with our Salesforce consulting services.

We stand among the best Salesforce consulting companies in USA, India and Australia.

You’re certain to vouch for us as we do not hesitate to go an extra mile to ensure that your investment gives you more than what you had expected, within a short period of time.

What We Offer as Our Salesforce Consulting Services?

  • Sales Cloud : Sales cloud provides a comprehensive sales automation toolkit. It boosts your sales team performance and helps you to close more deals.
  • Marketing Cloud: Your marketing cloud allows you to organize cross-channel marketing campaigns and marketing assets. You are updated with actionable reports to achieve tactical marketing goals.
  • Service Cloud: If you’re efficient and productive, service cloud is going to make you proactive. We offer you tools for delivering personalized customer support through variety of channels.
  • Commerce Cloud: As a retailer you would be able to create unique buying experiences across different communication channels. We offer tools to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.
  • Community Cloud: With community cloud you would be able to bring together the communities that are critically important to your partners, vendors, volunteers, customers and job applicants.
  • IOT Cloud: IOT (Internet of Things) cloud allows you to store and process archives of data that are brought together by various devices. Capture, filter and respond to events instantly with this service.
  • Salesforce Einstein: Artificial Intelligence is brought to Salesforce clouds by Salesforce Einstein. Now experience predictive analytics, natural language processing, and smart data discovery.
  • Salesforce Products for Specific Needs: Get more data driven insights. You can use Salesforce products for specific needs such as Chatter, Quip, Salesforce CPQ, Pardot, and Desk.com.

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