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System Integration & Data Migration services

Integration and Migration from Classic to Lightning is one of our major areas of expertise. We help you with system integration data migration and more. We work with a wide-ranged view of your business to bring you for your data related challenges. We create data migration/system integration strategies that are best for your business.

System Integration

It’s More than Just Data In and Data Out

An application can have data, presentation, business logic and several security layers.

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We offer an Event-Driven Architecture

Foundational Platform Integration Points
The following sections examine Fundamental Integration Building Blocks:

  • Creating and exposing web services using the Apex programming language.
  • Email integration for inbound and outbound messaging.
  • Outbound messaging for invoking external web services when data changes
  • HTTP and REST integration.
  • Invoking external web services from Apex.
  • The Force.com SOAP APIs and associated toolkits, such as the Mobile SDK, AJAX Toolkit, Java, .NET, PHP and Adobe Flex integrations.

It’s time to integrate your data with the best of tools from Salesforce.

Data Migration

We can help with a variety of issues related to the migration process, including the following:

It’s is advisable to migrate from Classic to Lightning, no matter which industry your business is related to.

The following images shows you a clear comparison between the two

During data migration, there are several challenges such as;

At Dreamstel we can help you with any kind of challenges normally faced during the process of Salesforce integration and data migration.

Do not wait another minute thinking. Let’s get you started with system integration and data migration today!