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Microsoft Teams Tie-up with Salesforce: Sharing Customer Data has Now Become Easier

Rajat Kesarwani

By Rajat Kesarwani| Monday, November 30, 2020 12:25 PM | 5 min read

The primary motive of Microsoft teams Salesforce Tie-up is to make meetings more manageable and help the staff to organize customer data in Teams chat, channels, and tabs. The Salesforce for Teams app is being released as a pilot, and it can be downloaded from the Microsoft Teams app store or the website.

The Salesforce integration and app are being offered to Salesforce's Sales and Service Cloud customers with Enterprise or Unlimited edition with no additional cost. The app authorizes joint Teams and Salesforce users to specify multiple Salesforce records in Teams channels and chats, such as events, cases, contacts, and leads.

Microsoft's CRM app also allows the users to check the past records posted in Teams channels and chats and pin records to Teams channel tabs and chats. Salesforce users can alter the records from Teams and post conversation notes on the Salesforce Chatter feed of records pinned on Teams channel and chat tabs.

The Salesforce integration with Teams is as same as Salesforce's integration with Teams chats competitor, Slack. Salesforce CRM released a new Slack app, which enabled users to preview complete Salesforce records like accounts, cases, and opportunities without leaving Slack. It also allows users to share records from Salesforce quickly to Slack.

Similarly, Microsoft-owned GitHub recently announced the launch of a GitHub app for Microsoft Teams to match the GitHub app available for Slack. Both help developers and teams work on pull applications and problems over chat and channels.

In July, Slack registered a complaint against Microsoft in the European Union, petitioning Microsoft has "illegally joined its Teams product into its market-dominant Office productivity suite, force-installing it for millions, blocking its replacement and hiding the actual cost to customers."

Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Teams is one more way to bring its service to the Microsoft communication tools that users are employing, whether it's Microsoft Teams, Outlook, or Excel.

Once, Microsoft said in a blogpost that "With a message extension Salesforce integration, the users can integrate key customer details right inline within a conversation, keeping details right in context and alongside your conversations. Important details around customer contact information are presented within the broader chat stream."

Doug Camplejohn, Salesforce executive vice president and general manager of Sales Cloud, said, "By connecting Salesforce CRM with Microsoft Teams, our joint consumers can now profit from a close connection of the chat and workspace abilities of Teams with all the required information and operations from Salesforce.

Rajat Kesarwani
About the Author Rajat Kesarwani is the CEO of Dreamstel Technologies. With over 15 years of experience in maintaining business relations with esteemed companies across the US and Australia, Mr. Kesarwani has earned an excellent reputation in the IT industry. He has been offering advanced technology services to businesses that require any kind of IT solution. His expert services at Dreamstel includes developing and introducing next-generation apps and spreading awareness about Salesforce. His objective is to reach out to companies in need of advanced technology solutions, and he has been successfully moving ahead in the right direction to do so, through Dreamstel Technologies.