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How can Salesforce AppExchange Tools be Beneficial for Your Company?

Rajat Kesarwani

By Rajat Kesarwani| Thursday, July 02, 2020 17:30 PM | 5 min read

If you have just started to use Salesforce, you need to have a look at some best Salesforce AppExchange tools. Salesforce AppExchange tools industry in 2020 will help you to increase the customer base and grow your business. You can also optimize business operations and improve business efficiency and productivity by using the best Salesforce applications to boost your Salesforce journey. Worldwide Salesforce AppExchange tools are used by many big as well as small enterprises.

Salesforce developers build some of these Salesforce AppExchange tools, but many of them are made by third-party independent software vendors (ISVs) with the help of Salesforce’s cloud computing technology, which is called the lightning platform. All the tools and apps on AppExchange are available to Salesforce users on-demand for free or on a subscription basis. Salesforce has a broad ecosystem of more than 3,000 AppExchange applications to leverage your use of CRM.

How do Salesforce AppExchange Tools Work?

The key concept of the Salesforce AppExchange tools is an app. In terms of Salesforce, an app is a set of components that consists of tabs, fields, objects, dashboards, reports, and Visualforce pages that satisfy a business need. In AppExchange, ISVs test, install and review all these apps. According to the AppExchange tools industry in 2020, more than 90% of Salesforce users, both SMB and enterprises, are taking advantage of the AppExchange marketplace.

Global Salesforce AppExchange has two packages: Unmanaged and managed. Unmanaged packages are once installed, and then, it cannot be upgraded or can be updated by the developer who has published it. In contrast, managed packages can be improved and distributed together with the licenses. Managed solutions also include beta, a major release, or a patch release.

Now, let’s discuss some of the benefits of Salesforce AppExchange tools:

1. Ready to Use Functionality – AppExchange tools industry in 2020 have hundreds and thousands of apps and components for every type of business. They are pre-installed in Salesforce’s multi-tenant environment and ready to be used to satisfy the customer’s needs.

2. Quick, Easy, and Secured Systems Integrations – With the help of a Salesforce cloud and low-code integration platforms, the business can easily manage their customer data, connect with them on social media, generate more leads and effectively provide the best service to their customers. For example, Dreamstel technologies will help you to move towards progress by taking care of your applications and IT issues with their excellent cloud services.

3. Automate Lead Assignment and Routing – Salesforce AppExchange tools can support lead routing and workflow to automatically assign leads based on any criteria automatically and even while managing contingencies.

4. Zero Maintenance Costs – For organizations, they did not need to spend a plan for a specialized obligation or support costs because the apps distributed through the AppExchange marketplace are improved and enhanced by the developers.

5. Effective Order Management, Inventory, Shipping, and More – Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of customers and products and hyper-personalized customer engagement. It is more beneficial if you are a manufacturer and decided to move from on-premise ERP solutions to the cloud. By using Salesforce AppExchange tools, manufacturers can be benefitted from product development, ordering, fulfillment, and reporting.

6. Onboard Employees in an Effective Manner – Worldwide Salesforce AppExchange is used by the HR teams as it becomes more productive by providing Salesforce training by assigning training modules to specific roles and tracking progress in the Salesforce dashboard.

7. Manage and Track Projects from Salesforce – Global Salesforce AppExchange can create projects from objects, start workflows based on triggers, centralize reports, and manage projects using the mobile application of Salesforce.

8. Eliminate Manual Data Entry Processes and Spreadsheets – Many of the employees took so many hours and days to do manual data entry. With the help of Salesforce AppExchange tools, it has become easy to enter the data into Salesforce and reduce the risk of data entry errors.

9. It Makes Life Easier for Salesforce Admins – In less time, the Salesforce admins can create a mass update, integrate systems, report, customize, and more with the help of AppExchange tools.

10. Create Quotes, Documents, and Contracts Effortlessly – Many sales representatives waste their time and efforts on manual activities and less time on selling. AppExchange apps such as Conga Composer is a document creation tool that takes manual data entry out of the sales process and helps the sales team to focus on the selling work. This is the most effective tool that makes document creation, presentation, and reports in PowerPoint, Word, HTML, email, and Excel much more comfortable than before.

So, these were some of the benefits of using Salesforce AppExchange tools. Salesforce AppExchange apps serve as the best solution to increase the customer base and provide a personalized customer experience to clients and customers. These apps also help employees across different roles, departments, and industries effectively and efficiently.

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Rajat Kesarwani
About the Author Rajat Kesarwani is the CEO of Dreamstel Technologies. With over 15 years of experience in maintaining business relations with esteemed companies across the US and Australia, Mr. Kesarwani has earned an excellent reputation in the IT industry. He has been offering advanced technology services to businesses that require any kind of IT solution. His expert services at Dreamstel includes developing and introducing next-generation apps and spreading awareness about Salesforce. His objective is to reach out to companies in need of advanced technology solutions, and he has been successfully moving ahead in the right direction to do so, through Dreamstel Technologies.