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What is Salesforce CPQ? Why is It a Must-Have for Your Business?

Rajat Kesarwani

By Rajat Kesarwani| Saturday, Feb 16, 2019 16:08 PM | 6 min read


  • CPQ - An end-to-end quote to cash solution.
  • Transform your sales process with Salesforce CPQ tools.
  • Salesforce CQP QCP is a solution to the performance issues of the tool.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It is a software that allows companies to configure their products and services and price them according to the costs, competitions and economical factors. The software helps businesses to quote the best price of a product or service after aggregating the variables cost-effectively and coming to a decision about the accurate, quoting price value of a product or service.

“CPQ is a big wave - Learn to ride it.” - Salesforce

CPQ can better be described as a utility tool that is designed to reduce the complexity of pricing products and services while ensuring the legal compliance factors are met. It helps the business rules to be centralized and also be available to view in real-time. The software effectively boosts sales by creating the best quotes in the market.

Once you have CPQ at your side, you need not manually enter details on excel sheets or separately monitor performance reports on Google analytics.

The software offers the following excellent benefits, and at Dreamstel, we will ensure that you get them all;

Transform Your Sales Process with Salesforce CPQ Tools

If you’ve been looking for an ultimate sales tool, your search ends with CPQ.

Manual quoting gives you errors, complexity and reduction in sales. On the other hand, using CPQ transform your sales process by reducing the time taken to reach the final quote of a product or service. It helps you eliminate errors and substantially maximize deal size.

In case your organization is large and the CPQ process get tied up because of the increased data to process, the solution to the problem is QCP (Quote Calculator Plugin). Salesforce CQP QCP is a solution to the performance issues of the tool. Here are some of the scenarios where QCP is used:

  • To fix complications of product-bundling guidelines.
  • For conditional and complex pricing logic.
  • To prevent occlusion of price engine while processing large volumes of workflow.

An End-To-End Quote To Cash Solution

Increase speed, efficiency and accuracy on Salesforce, with CPQ.

Quote-to-Cash is the session that involves your customer’s interest to close your sale and your company’s achievement of revenue. Getting the right quote for a product is the last but the most critical part of sales. Your revenue strategy should be primarily focused on your customers. With CPQ your sales team would have an integrated access to your product catalogue and all the data would be collected in a single place.

Your sales team would have an end-to-end quote to cash solution, and this means;

  • They would be able to offer deals based on a maximization.
  • The deals offered would be based on revenue goals, margins, and pricing rules.
  • You wouldn’t have to offer deep discounts but yet offer the best discounts.
  • Send quotes to the people authorized to do it automatically
  • Experience a rapid review and approval system.
  • Easily access reports, dashboards, dynamic insights with mobile readiness.
  • Gain an RoI of up to 400% within a short period of time, with CPQ.

A Company’s General Sales Process Follows these Steps

Lead Generation -> Lead Conversion -> Quote Offering -> Negotiation -> Sale

At Dreamstel Technologies, we deliver innovative IT solutions and Salesforce consulting to a variety of industries in the areas of finance, manufacturing, ecommerce, technology, telecom, retail, healthcare and others. Our objective is to help you drive enhanced customer engagement with operational efficiency. Digitalization offers an end to end approach to your business, and our hand-picked tech experts ensure your business gets the best services without any interruptions.

If you’re a Non-IT company, and you’re currently availing the services of Salesforce CRM, you’re going to love everything that CPQ has to offer you. At Dreamstel, we can help you to take advantage of CPQ or fix any problems that you might be facing with the software. In case you do not have any experience with Salesforce, we offer free consultation service for a few hours, and show you why you should be a Salesforce user.

Why Should You Choose Dreamstel for Your CPQ Requirements?

Unlike companies that promise you services too good to be true and end up disappointing you, we offer you quality services and opportunities that are genuinely possible for us to deliver. We take our responsibilities seriously.

Our Work Strategy

The Steps that Your Sales Representatives Follow without Our Salesforce CPQ Services

1. Creating a List of Products to Quote
2. Creating Spreadsheets for Product Quote Determination
3. Manually Applying Discounts/Offers
4. Manually Calculating Quote Price after Calculating and Deducting Discounts/Offers
5. Revision for Errors
6. Creation of Final Quote Document
7. The Final Offer Document has to be Emailed to the Customer.

The Steps that Your Sales Representatives Follow with Our Salesforce CPQ Services

1. Products / Services are Automatically Personalized according to the Customer Persona
2. Prices are Assigned to the Products Automatically
3. Quotes are Automatically Created
4. The Final Offer Document is Emailed to the Customer Automatically.

This means, your sales representatives have to merely focus on convincing customers to make their purchase, and this helps them sell more, to give your company higher profits.

We understand the importance of QCP for smooth running of the CPQ software. It is also important for you as a business to understand Salesforce CPQ quote terms. At Dreamstel we offer you all kinds of information and services related to Salesforce CPQ. We excel in the following services of the software:

The Salesforce certified developers at Dreamstel strive to maximize your profit with the minimum investment of time and money.

Without Salesforce CPQ With Salesforce CPQ
Inaccurate Pricing Automated Accurate Pricing
Inaccurate Quotes / Chances of Errors Accurate Quotes / No Errors
Waste of Valuable Time Quick Sales / More Profit
High Authority Approval and Revision of Discount Complete and Automatic Control Over Discount
Offers Required Offers

With Our Versatile Salesforce CPQ Solutions We Aim to Transform Your Business.

Rajat Kesarwani
About the Author
Rajat Kesarwani is the CEO of Dreamstel Technologies. With over 15 years of experience in maintaining business relations with esteemed companies across the US and Australia, Mr. Kesarwani has earned an excellent reputation in the IT industry. He has been offering advanced technology services to businesses that require any kind of IT solution. His expert services at Dreamstel includes developing and introducing next-generation apps and spreading awareness about Salesforce. His objective is to reach out to companies in need of advanced technology solutions, and he has been successfully moving ahead in the right direction to do so, through Dreamstel Technologies.