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Sales and distribution companies can now use integrated order management to seamline the work process.

Rajat Kesarwani

By Rajat Kesarwani| Tuesday, November 12, 2019 17:10 PM | 4 min read


  • Sales and distribution companies can now use integrated order management to seamline the work process.
  • Salesforce adds an excellent feature to the service and marketing categories to boost the efficiency of the lifeblood in sales companies.
  • Ordering is now made easy, user-friendly and more accurate with the integration order management.

Salesforce’s customer-first order management system is the new talk of the town. The world’s #1 CRM never stops innovating and introducing new technological improvements for it’s clients and their customers. The new feature helps customers from shopping to shipping and makes the entire process a seamless and speedy one.

Manage Workflows Visually and Deliver on Complex Orders

Your inventory can give you more than you know. The Salesforce Lightning Platform brings to you split fulfillments across multiple location and allows buyers the privileged to choose partial shipments to more than one address at a time. The work of manually generating invoices and settling them is not a concern when you have the Salesforce solution for your business. The Lightning Order Management is designed to connect to your payment systems and it is easier for the customers to manger cancellation and returns themselves. On occasion of negative invoices, the system can take care of it as a priority. Returns, refunds, and exchanges are made easy and seamless.

“This is a new product built from the ground up on the Salesforce Lightning Platform to allow our customers to fulfill, manage and service their orders at scale,” -Luke Ball, VP of product management at Salesforce.

Why is Integration Order Management by Salesforce a Big Deal?

As a sales and marketing company you need to ensure your customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience, and to do that the ordering and managing steps on your website should be up-to-date and extremely quick. A business requires returning loyal customers to run successfully for decades to come, and an integration order management system as good as what Salesforce offers is a must to achieve this goal.

The solution on the Salesforce Lightning Platform has enhanced the efficiency of shipping carries, warehouse management systems, fraud tools, ERP systems and more. The integration is the core logic of an order management system. Once a customer clicks on the buy button, the next steps that follow are order fulfillment, invoice creation, inventory availability and custom business logic.

  • Customers can build visual order workflows in an easy user-friendly way.
  • The information moves with the customers steps, leading from an order to return or exchange to refund requests.
  • Apply discounts to orders, add and remove items and check all the details related to extra charges.
  • Experience flexible pricing and discounting in the easiest way possible today.

Commerce cloud and service cloud users are soon to experience the best order management system in the world today. Customers who have tested it are positive and excited about the seamless experience of purchasing and processing, if any, requests that follow after.

The product is going to be available generally in Feb, 2020. The company announced the good news on the 10th of October, this year.

Rajat Kesarwani
About the Author Rajat Kesarwani is the CEO of Dreamstel Technologies. With over 15 years of experience in maintaining business relations with esteemed companies across the US and Australia, Mr. Kesarwani has earned an excellent reputation in the IT industry. He has been offering advanced technology services to businesses that require any kind of IT solution. His expert services at Dreamstel includes developing and introducing next-generation apps and spreading awareness about Salesforce. His objective is to reach out to companies in need of advanced technology solutions, and he has been successfully moving ahead in the right direction to do so, through Dreamstel Technologies.