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Healthcare Analytics Market 2019 - Upcoming Trends and Global Forecast to 2025

Rajat Kesarwani

By Rajat Kesarwani| Wednesday, September 18, 2019 17:05 PM | 5 min read


  • The healthcare market growth is driven by venture capital investments, big data’s availability, and curbed costs of healthcare. There are favorable government initiatives to increase EHR adoption as well.
  • The importance of financial analytics is now significant as there is a growing focus on cost-cutting and profit ensuring practices in the healthcare sector.
  • The demand for handling large quantity of EHR is expected to drive the market growth exponentially.

The efficiency of the healthcare service providers is improving as technological advancements continue to save lives and protect patients from deteriorating health conditions across the globe. This has shown significant growth in the healthcare market and is successfully driving innovative ideas for the betterment of mankind.

Healthcare Segmentation & Forecast to 2025

The above Healthcare Analytics Market Report is based on the type, deployment, application, component and end-user level of the healthcare system in the United States. The analysis is also based on cognitive, predictive and prescriptive data and the market is segmented into software and hardware services.

According to recent surveys and the latest reports on the Healthcare Industry, the Global Healthcare Analytics Market was valued at $20.86B last year. It is being predicted that by the year 2025, it is expected to reach $108.01B with a 26.48% CAGR. Managing of clinical and programmatic insights to reduce the complexities of data is a critical process. Healthcare professionals require real-time access to information, results and latest updates on the patients’ condition, the medical records, and the treatments that are being given or can be given. The new methods of Healthcare Analytics Market 2019 has proven to be helpful for professionals and has also improved the quality of the heathcare service.

Healthcare Market Analytics Size has been Growing Since the Past Few Years

  • The healthcare industry is under immense pressure to reduce costs and are working very hard to manage the expenses efficiently.
  • The focus is on improving patient care and driving the demand for analytics. Healthcare analytics has proven to be tremendously helpful in cases of chronic diseases, and shortage of skilled personnel to address the needs.
  • Big data is also evolving fast in the healthcare analytics section to fulfill the requirement of providing insights from large data sets and improving the outcomes at a reduced cost.

In the news we’ve heard about how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has take advantages of healthcare analytics and have substantially reduced the hospital readmission rates. They were able to save nearly $115M fraud payments.

Here are the key benefits of a healthcare analytics market report:

  • In-depth coverage of historical and current forecast analysis.
  • Detailed information of the IT introductions to the market, the summary of the reports and revenue, market drivers and restraints, and market opportunities.
  • Competitive analysis at a region and country level in the healthcare section.
  • In-depth coverage of extensive analysis of new trends to enhance effectiveness of the professionals and get better outcomes out of investments.

As per the upcoming trends in healthcare industry analysis, Salesforce is a leading healthcare software service provider. Its Health Cloud offers a personalized one-to-one experience to deliver better care with a single view of the patient. It is one of the health systems of the future. The objective of the Health Cloud by Salesforce is to shape the future of an organization and service medical professionals by keeping them up-to-date with their patients’ data, medical records, schedules, follow ups on reports and more.

Rajat Kesarwani
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