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All You Need To Know About Salesforce Health Cloud

Rajat Kesarwani

By Rajat Kesarwani| Monday, Aug 01, 2022 04:30 PM | 4 min read

Salesforce Health Cloud is opening new doors in the health sector to make it more organized and offers patient information in an easy and accessible way. You can opt for Salesforce application development services from us to help you revolutionize your work. Still not sure what it is and how can it be useful for you? In this article, you will find all the details about Salesforce Health Cloud to understand its uses better.

What Exactly Is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Health Cloud has been built on the platform of Salesforce and combines the features of CRM and the best practices of the industry into an integrated platform where companies have their own centralized system for management and operations. This includes industries from life sciences to healthcare. Salesforce Health Cloud offers a comprehensive view of all patients on a single, unified platform. This, in turn, enables companies to evolve to an approach that is centered on patients from an approach that is focused on medical records.

If you are familiar with any other platform of Salesforce, you will see that Health Cloud is an easy-to-use system that can even be made compliant with HIPAA. In addition to possessing all the amazing features of CRM, the features and models of this platform have industry-specific data for all the users of Health Cloud. Moreover, Salesforce Health Cloud has a user-friendly interface. Hence, regardless of whether you are a new user of the ecosystem of Salesforce or are transitioning to Health Cloud from a traditional CRM, you will find the platform to be comfortable in terms of navigation. Furthermore, if you are in the healthcare industry, Salesforce Health Cloud is an option worth exploring.

Salesforce CRM In Healthcare

As is evident, Health Cloud has the potential to transform healthcare organizations and the industry in itself into a digital platform of the next generation. But why is it considered to be an excellent option for life science organizations and other industries? Let’s find out!


Healthcare needs a patient-focused approach so that doctors can get a holistic 360-degree view of their patients. In order to achieve that, interoperability as well as delivering a super connected experience for all patients is of paramount importance. Health Cloud works by pulling in data from various integrated systems. Hence, interoperability combines the information of all patients into a single platform, giving an organization the patients’ holistic view. In the present times, healthcare organizations use EHR (Electronic Health Record) platforms to manage the records of their patients. That said, such platforms don’t really work with interoperability in mind. Moreover, the difficulty of communication and data exchange has created a number of barriers when it comes to executing care plans, streamlining patient journeys, and unifying patient data efficiently and cohesively. This is precisely where Salesforce Health Cloud comes into the picture and fills this gap in the middle and front office functions by offering a unified view of the journeys of patients and making sure that the experience of all patients is enhanced. It even increases the productivity of the healthcare program. Salesforce Health Cloud also offers a rich data model set to access and store specialized health information so that problems such as provider relationship management, intelligent sales, and care management can be solved. With the help of integration, it becomes easy to combine data from different resources in order to achieve interoperability.

Healthcare-Specific CRM

  • Healthcare Providers

Opting for a healthcare-specific CRM can help you transform the entire experience of patient management. It offers a personalized and connected experience through all the touchpoints such as outreach and clinical activities. Some of the interesting features include care plan, health timeline, householding map, care team, and much more. This can help immensely in improving patient engagement and support.

  • Medical Devices

It can help with overseeing commercial processes and patient experience all through the therapy process. It also helps in engaging physicians, patients, and partners in new and different ways. Some of the key features include sales agreement management, intelligent sales, predictive marketing forecasting, account-based forecasting, and much more. Hence, making an improvement in sales and service performance.

  • Payers

With Salesforce health cloud, you can engage members all through their health journey. It also helps you transform the entire process of selling health plans and working with employees, brokers or sales agents. It can provide broker portals, provider network management and much more. Moreover, payers can have a market-specific approach to help them balance their cost and have an enhanced member experience.

    Pharmaceauticals/Biotech Companies: There is a possibility to gain more detailed insights on patient health with the help of personalized experience for HCP and patients following all the compliance in the right way. Some of the key features in this include intelligent documentation automation, guided program enrollment, digital consent management and much more. Hence, it offers possibilities to pharmaceutical companies to improve their patient support system and innovate more in their speciality programs to suit the needs of all the players involved. Dreamstel

    How Can We Help?

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Rajat Kesarwani
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